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Tequila Sunrise

From An Expat Cooks

Tequila Sunrise

One drink


  • 4 ounces (0.5 cup/120 mL) orange juice
  • 2 ounces (0.25 cup/60 mL) tequila or vodka
  • 1 ounce (2 tablespoons/30 mL) grenadine (I use between 1-2 tablespoons to cut back on the sweetness a bit)

Garnish with orange slices and maraschino cherries


Fill a glass with ice; add the orange juice and tequila (or vodka), stirring to mix well. Slowly drizzle the grenadine down the side of the glass. It will sink to the bottom, but do not stir! Add garnish, if desired. Serve cold.