About Me

Hello, Grüezi, Hallo,

Welcome to my kitchen! I'm Misty, a former middle school Math teacher, turned expat, now living in Switzerland since 2011 with my husband, two boys, and our lab, Harley. I started this blog several years ago as a way for my husband to remember what we've had for dinner, so when I ask him what he wants for dinner, I don't get the "I don't know (or care)" routine. I make him find something. I also have ADD when it comes to cooking. I don't like getting stuck in ruts or routines, with the exception of Mexican food, which is mandatory once a week. I'm always on the lookout for recipes that are quick, kid friendly, and budget friendly. I have been collecting cookbooks from our European and Asian travels, trying to recreate the local dishes we were fortunate enough to enjoy. I will also pass them along on here. Sometimes, you just need ideas...And, that's what I'm here for!

I love food. Born and raised in Ohio, I started cooking when I was in my tween years. My parents worked crazy hours so I often had to make dinner for my brother and me. The kitchen is my favorite room in our flat, as it was in our house in the States. It's where I feel relaxed, creative, and destressed. I definitely enjoy cooking through my midwest roots, and having lived in Buffalo, New York for five years and Concord, New Hampshire for eight years, I've been influenced by those regions, too. I don't have time to "develop" recipes. The Swiss lifestyle and two young boys prevent me from having time to do so. I just scour Pinterest and other sites, make what looks interesting, perhaps tweeking things here or there to suit my family's tastes, and then pass them along on here.

Now that we are in Switzerland, cooking can be a challenge. This Swiss definitely do not eat like Americans. Lunch is the big meal of the day, some don't even eat dinner. There are no casseroles, cupcakes, or fried foods. There are specialty dishes, which can be found under the Swiss section, that we enjoy. But, most of the time, I cook like an Amercian. That can be very expensive in this country. A two pound beef roast cost $80. Needless to say, I miss meat. I also don't have access to some things that are quite common in the States i.e. brown sugar and vanilla extract. I have family send me those :) Other things, like condensed soup, I have to find substitutes for or make from scratch. I like to share anything I find to help out other expats. I have found, though, that we eat better because everything is made from scratch.

As I make my way through the land of chocolate and cheese learning new languages and cultures, I will continue to share new international food experiences plus tips and substitutions for other expats. Please feel free to respectfully comment on anything you've tried or want to try!

En guete, Mitenand. Auf Wiedersehen, Ciao, Tscüss!